Roules and conditions of use


WELCOME to the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin


We want that you can spend a nice and beautiful time in Berlin and that you feel comfortable and well in the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin without the need to follow a lot of rules. But a few ones we need to oblige you - for keeping the standard of the apartment for the following guests and to let them also having fun.



Please leave the apartment the way you like to come upon it. Should anything be damaged, please inform us BEFORE your departure. Of course, this could happen!We overtake the final cleaning, but it's fair of you to put all your rubbish in the dustbins. Thank you very much!



You are in a mere residence area. Apartments like this are difficult to get in this part of Schöneberg essentially because of the owner-structure of the buildings. In this buildig it's the same. Some owners are living in this house since more than 50 (!) years and don't want to be bothered by neighbours and/or tourists.


All walls and ceylings are soundproofed, the ground is insulated. This helps to reduce the noise emission. To keep the possibility to offer the flat for guys like you, it's absolutely necessary to keep the peace at night from 22.00h.  Please do not exeggerate while having hard sessions and show respect to the nightbour who lives in the flat over you. Thank you! 


Using the playroom it's compulsory to close the windows, jalousies and the door. The ventilation provides you with fresh air. By playing with wax, use the black PVC cover.



In the playroom all type of lubes is allowed. Have FFun! Please use the paper towels or the cotton towels located in the playroom. In all other rooms the use of this type of lubes is not allowed! SCAT games are NOT allowed. Please notice that in case of non-observance we will charge you with an additional fee for the special cleaning -depending on the time basis- of minimum EUR 100. It's very fair of you not using the towels from the bathroom for all playroom activity. That's why special towels are privided in the playroom. Thanks a lot for your cooperation!



Smoking is only permitted in the playroom. The airing need to be switched on! In dall other parts of the flat, smoking is not permitted. "Cold smoke" is an awful smell. In case of non-observance we will charge you with an additional fee for the special cleaning of EUR 150. Please to not through fag butts at the rubber floor because a serious FIRE DANGER (see next point).



The rubber floor is quite unique and gives a really special feeling and smell to the PlayRoomApartments-Berlin. But it's inflammable (like other floor covers too). Please take special care by lighting candles and by smoking. You may risk you life. Once burning a very intense and dangerous smoke will spread.


In the entrance you find an extinguisher, in the playroom on the right side over the door you can find a fire blanket. Downstairs in the staircase are further extinguishers. Please commit the locations to memory and read the use in case of emergency. This is for your own safety. Call the german firefighters at 112.



Please take in mind that only the registered persons may stay overnight in the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin. Usually this are TWO persons, acceptionally and after beeing registered it could be three persons. Should it happen that a further person will stay overnight at short term, so inform us at any time BEFORE you go to bed and do it WRITTEN (by sms or e-mail). In case of non-compliance we could cancel the renting immediately.



It is strictly prohibit to deal with any kind of drugs, to make or promote commercial films with pornographic content and/or to use the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin for any offer of prostitution.


To make commercial photos or films ask for a permission. In case of non-compliance we could cancel the renting immediately and a compensation will be demanded.



If something is not in the expected manner, if conditions are different than agrred upon, if you have any suggestions or if something has been damaged, please contact us immediately. And of course you are very welcome to leave you feedback at the pinn board. Vielen Dank!



If you leave the PlayRoomApartments-Berlin please LOCK UP the front door(risk of break-in)! Please take in mind that we can't assume any liability for your personal belongings.


It is strictly forbidden to allow access to the PlayRoomApartment to any unknown or unauthorised person - including neightbours or worker! 



By hand-over of keys the note of this roules need to be signed.