Welcome to the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin

leather pant, handcuffs, lederhose, Handfesseln, Schlagstock, Schöneberg


Who is not looking for private fun in a kinky, modern and well kept ambience with the possibility to let off steam and cum?


So do we. While traveliing a lot through Europe we did not find a lot really good and nice locations. And if we found one, it was too far outside from the gay scene, too worn out and/or with a really poor service. We show you that it is possible! That's why we are offering in Berlin the brand new PlayRoomApartment:


-in the HEART of the gay area in Schöneberger between New Action and Scheune,

-SEPARATE and fully equiped PLAYROOM (ca. 25 sqm, hotel-room size),

-totally RENOVATED and modernised flat with full infrastructure,

-RUBBER floor, even with the ground (no step), soundproofed,

-TWO self made SLINGS,

-one hanging Rim-Chair (NEW)

-superior customer SERVICE,

-FAIR handling again all service provider and the environment (contributions to the social insurance system for the cleaning worker, no illicit employment under the total renovation, 100% electricity of wind power, eco-friendly detergents, furnature made in Germany / EU, etc.),

-THOUGHTFULNESS against the neighbours

-easy and understandible RATES in line with the marked. 

leather pant, handcuffs, lederhose, Handfesseln, Schlagstock, Schöneberg

Until your departure, your expectations should be exceeded, for example because you forgot your tooth-brush at home and you found a new one in the apartment or because you enjoyed silence in the flat although you are in the city-center and in the heart of the gay area. W-lan is for free as well as phone calls to the national and EU landlines (except service numbers).


This is our offer to you. In return we are expecting a fair treatment of you in terms of




-to follow some RULES


If you can relate yourself (and your travel-partner) to our philosophy you are ALWAYS VERY WELCOME in the PlayRoomApartment-Berlin. We want that you have a lot of FUN, that you feel very WELL, like home and WELL ATTENDED so that you like to return again with pleasure. We are working for that with PASSION for leather, rubber and gay fetish as well as with a long term EXPERIENCE in tourism.

double sling, st. Andrews cross, chain, leather fuck, fist, leathermen, Hoist Basement rob MrB mineshaft apartment Toms tigerroom


We wish you a lot of fun by watching the pictures. In case of any question, please contact us by using the contact form at "contact & feedback" or by sending us an email to: PRA-BERLIN@bluewin.ch.